A New World is about to begin...

The new-new age illustration, drawing and design is colliding into a big ball of chaotic mess. You are about to experience the excitement, surreal and the super-nature from the world, all at the same time...


We now have a feature in the October issue of LOOP magazine in Germany. LOOP is a lifestyle magazine focused on art, photography, fashion and music based in Cologne since 1994.

This is very exciting news for us, please Check it out!! (we are "Young Blood" on page 10)

Many thanks to LOOP magazine.

ityArt is a group of students from Elam School of Fine Arts (University of Auckland,NZ) finishing their last few weeks of the degree. These works you see here are their current works in progress, and are updated regually as the art practice continues. You will begin to see how today's new artists' create works and what interests them in these pages.

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