ity Art

ity Art is a group of three art students from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, New Zealand, who have come together to create the uncanny, bizarre and wonderful worlds of the new future. They believe that art should be chaotic and fun at the same time. They specialise in imaginary worlds that audiences will get lost in and characters that will communicate with you. 
ity Art started in 2008, from a group show "Under Construction" where artists with different backgrounds and skills were brought together to create a show in just two weeks. The exhibition was a success but the three drawers wanted to take things to the next level. The drawers found they had similar drives and ambitions in relation to their messages about their surroundings; they decided to document their art making process while challenging themselves with continuous projects.  
The Drawers of the world; Judy Chiang, Suji Park and Don Chen - together describe the relationships and dreams that our young generations have today and illustrate them through their images. 


Past group exhibitions:

"Under Construction" Open studio practice by 4th year Elam students. George Fraser Gallery, 16 April - 3 May 2008.